Whangaroa Houseboat Holidays

A Unique Kiwi Holiday

Rent a Houseboat


A houseboat will take you to places a road can't. You can fish, swim, barbecue, or simply explore isolated walking tracks. Situated on the idyllic, Whangaroa Harbour, Whangaroa Houseboat Holidays is the perfect option for your next holiday. It will be a holiday you will not forget!





Oliver Mitchell

'I spent a weekend on the Maple Leaf Houseboat at the end of last year and it was great. It really is the way to see the harbour in all its beauty. There is some great fishing spots to catch some snapper. The houseboat also has a BBQ on board to cook the catch which is fantastic. Would highly recommend it for a weekend away to the far north.'


Adam Gurr

'What a great way to enjoy some of New Zealand's finest. How's the serenity.'


Ashley Clark

'Wonderful boat, wonderful location, wonderful staff.'